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Agricultural and forest production are expanding rapidly in many parts of the world. While this can bring economic benefits, it also brings environmental and social challenges. Proforest's programmes raise awareness and develop capacity for more sustainable production and sourcing of natural resources and agricultural commodities.

Our role

Responsible production practices balance these environmental, social and economic needs. Producers increasingly have to show that their production practices are environmentally and socially responsible. But implementing these requirements takes technical knowledge, tools and experience that are lacking among the private sector, governments and civil society in many countries. 

Our non-profit programmes aim to address this gap. We provide practical advice and training on implementing these requirements for producers, manufacturers and traders of all sizes, as well as support to organisations developing sustainability policies and standards.

The programmes

We have programmes in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, as well as those operating globally:

  • Africa programmes. Our two Africa programmes support growers and other stakeholders to adopt responsible production practices for palm oil and build capacity to support more sustainable management and governance of natural resources including forests and oil palm. 
  • Latin America programmes. We have two programmes in Latin America that promote the understanding and uptake of practices leading to greater sustainability in palm oil production, cattle ranching, agricultural commodities and forest management. 
  • Southeast Asia programme. Our programme focuses on palm oil, economically the most important agricultural commodity within the Southeast Asia region.
  • International programmes. Our two international programmes support the development of sustainability certification, governance initiatives and safeguards, and provide high quality, practical training courses.  
  • Global networks. We support two global partnership programmes: the High Conservation Value (HCV) Resource Network, which focuses on the consistent application of the HCV approach; and SHARP, which supports companies that work responsibly with smallholders.
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