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Global partnerships

Some issues are so large and complex that they need to be addressed through effective partnerships and collaboration among a large network of stakeholders. By supporting global multistakeholder networks, Proforest facilitates knowledge-sharing, and help coordinate concerted and authoritative action.

Proforest currently supports the activities of two global partnerships.


The SHARP Programme works with the private sector to promote and support smallholders’ responsible production of agricultural commodities, while improving their livelihoods and food security, and minimising deforestation.

Companies that buy agricultural produce from smallholders are often in the best position to help them. Companies already often provide financial and technical support to smallholders, as well as being their customers, but they frequently lack ways to help them implement responsible production practices. SHARP’s objective is to work through companies to support smallholders’ responsible production.

We provide the secretariat for the SHARP Programme.

Visit the SHARP website.

High Conservation Value Resource Network

The High Conservation Value (HCV) approach is a tool for identifying and then maintaining or enhancing biological, social or cultural values in any natural resource production environment. It is a globally applicable tool that can be adapted to local conditions.

The High Conservation Value Resource Network brings together many stakeholders who use the HCV approach. Because the HCV approach is used in widely differing situations and sectors around the world, practitioners and assessors need guidance to help them apply the approach consistently.

The HCV Resource Network convenes people and organisations to develop solutions to the challenges that this diversity brings. We have provided the secretariat for the HCV Resource Network for a number of years.

Visit the HCV Resource Network website.