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Southeast Asia Palm Oil Programme

The Southeast Asia Palm Oil Programme focuses on small and medium-sized producers in the region, particularly in areas where palm oil production is expanding. It helps growers to understand and adopt responsible production practices, and gain access to markets for their products.

What are our priorities? 

The Southeast Asia Palm Oil Programme targets small and medium-sized producers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. It is a new programme within Proforest, and detailed plans are being developed.

What does the programme do?

The main programme activities are:

1. Technical support

The programme will provide technical support to small and medium-sized producers to help them improve their agricultural practices and access supply chains for responsibly produced palm oil.

2. Training

The programme aims to build capacity for responsible production by providing training on the requirements and implementation of RSPO Principles and Criteria, the High Conservation Value (HCV) approach, and the conservation of biodiversity.

Why is it important?

Large palm oil producing companies in the Southeast Asia region often have access to resources that enable them invest in better production practices. Smallholders with very limited areas in production also increasingly receive support from aid agencies, NGOs and private sector buyers.

Small and medium-sized palm oil enterprises, however, often fall between these two extremes. Too small to have their own internal resources, yet too large to be targeted for external support, they lack the resources and knowledge to enable them to move towards more sustainable production practices.

Our Southeast Asia Palm Oil Programme aims to provide them with technical support to achieve more sustainable agricultural practices and to help their products enter responsible supply chains. Engaging with small and medium-sized producers in this region will help reduce negative environmental and social impacts through improved cultivation practices, while at the same time contributing to rural development.

Our areas of work

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