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We are an internationally recognised, independent organisation whose
unique expertise delivers sustainable natural resource management,
from policy, investment and procurement, to production on the ground.

Our expertise

Over the last 10 years, Proforest has established itself as an international leader in the field of sustainable management for a wide range of natural resources, including timber, oil palm and sugar.

Proforest has worked with a diverse range of organisations – from multinationals to smallholders, as well as large and small NGOs, international organisations and national governments. Our expertise covers the whole supply chain, whether it be advising forest or plantation managers on the practical implementation of international legislation and policy, supporting responsible purchasing and investment, or working with policy makers and sustainability initiatives to help them develop effective policy tools and standards.

Our work covers four interrelated areas:

  • Forestry and timber Helping companies, civil society and governments on a wide range of issues, including combating illegal logging and implementing FLEGT, voluntary certification and purchasing legal and sustainable timber.
  • Agricultural commodities Supporting the sustainable production and purchasing of commodities such as soy, oil palm, sugar, cotton, and jatropha for the food, feed and biofuel sectors.
  • REDD+ Working with different stakeholders within the REDD+ community to help link emerging policies with existing initiatives aimed at reducing rates of deforestation and forest degradation.
  • Conservation and HCV Focusing on integrating effective conservation and social policies and standards into production landscapes.