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We are an internationally recognised, independent organisation whose
unique expertise delivers sustainable natural resource management,
from policy, investment and procurement, to production on the ground.

HCV and conservation

Proforest can help you and your organisation to address biodiversity conservation in policy and practice. Our experience ranges from global and national conservation analyses for governments and NGOs, to policy development for certification schemes, and High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments for the forestry and agriculture sectors.

Sustainable land use management requires that natural resource production is balanced with effective conservation measures. Proforest is recognised as a world leader in integrating conservation within land use management, helping managers and affected stakeholders to maintain or enhance critical biodiversity values and ecosystem services whilst safeguarding the social and cultural values of local people.

We have particular expertise in the development of policy and standards for voluntary market-based certification in forestry and agriculture – using field or site assessments, desk studies and training, and longer-term advisory services to help companies and land-use managers implement conservation policies and standards. We work throughout the supply chain, from supporting sustainable forest and plantation management and sustainable agriculture, to processors, manufacturers and commodity purchasers.

We promote responsible investment and the development of national and international conservation frameworks such as the HCV approach, and policy initiatives such as REDD+ and FLEGT.

Services related to conservation and HCV are delivered through various Proforest programmes:

  • Our sustainability initiatives support programme works with organisations such as FSC, RSPO, RTRS and major conservation NGOs (WWF, Fundacion Vida Silvestre, TNC) to develop conservation safeguards and standards, support practical implementation, facilitate multi-stakeholder agreements, and scale up impact. Proforest runs the Secretariat for the High Conservation Value Resource Network, a global conservation network that addresses the biodiversity and socio-cultural facets of conservation in production landscapes.
  • Our policy, science and research programme supports the integration of conservation issues into international policy initiatives like REDD+ and philanthropic initiatives such as FPAN, to ensure robust, effective and workable requirements, and promote their efficient implementation.