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We are an internationally recognised, independent organisation whose
unique expertise delivers sustainable natural resource management,
from policy, investment and procurement, to production on the ground.


Proforest is working with governments, companies, civil society organisations and Indigenous Peoples to develop and implement effective REDD+ policies that build on existing initiatives and programmes to deliver a range of social and environmental benefits.

Many of Proforest’s activities in the last 10 years contribute to reducing rates of deforestation and forest loss. With the recent recognition of the vital importance of forests – and particularly tropical forests – for the climate, the global focus on forests has intensified dramatically. Proforest has partnered with many of those within the emerging ‘REDD+ community’ to help link emerging policies on reducing deforestation and protecting forests, with existing initiatives that work towards similar goals including forest legality programmes,  forest certification, agricultural commodity certification, high conservation value planning and land rights.

We have supported policy formulation through technical advisory papers and information briefings; helped to organise and run meetings, workshops and conferences that bring together stakeholders such as governments, the private sector and NGOs; and participated in the development of safeguard mechanisms for REDD+.

Services related to REDD+ are delivered through various Proforest programmes:

  • Our sustainability initiatives support programme  is the technical advisor to the main independent multistakeholder standard in the sector REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards (REDD+ SES). This standard has been developed through an international process including social and environmental groups, Indigenous Peoples’ representatives, and governments from REDD+ countries. Proforest has helped REDD+ SES to develop standards and systems, and to test the draft standards in several pilot countries.
  • Our training and capacity building programme provides a range of programmes and courses, many of which directly or indirectly support REDD+. As with our other work on REDD+, we focus on providing basic training on REDD+ along with training on the practical implementation of REDD+ strategies to a wide range of stakeholders, allowing them to engage meaningfully in the discussions about how REDD+ should develop.