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We are an internationally recognised, independent organisation whose
unique expertise delivers sustainable natural resource management,
from policy, investment and procurement, to production on the ground.

Growers and producers

Growers and producers around the world are seeking to meet the environmental and social requirements of a wide range of standards. For many producers, exactly what the standards require and how to meet them is both unclear and challenging.

Proforest works with growers at all scales – large multinationals, smallholders and communities – to help them meet the environmental and social requirements of standards that apply to timber and timber products, oil palm, soy, sugarcane, rubber, beef, cotton and jatropha.

We can help you understand and meet:

  • regulatory requirements, such as the EU Biofuels Requirements and EU Timber Regulation
  • international voluntary standards, including FSC certification for forestry, RSPO for palm oil, RTRS for soy, and Bonsucro or RTFO for sugarcane
  • complex elements of standards such as High Conservation Value (HCV) assessments, requirements for consultation, and provisions for Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC)
  • individual company standards, such as Biofuels producers’ sugarcane and rapeseed standards and European supermarkets’ environmental and social responsibility standards.

With an individually tailored service designed to meet your needs, we can provide baseline assessments, help you develop action plans, and provide training and capacity building to help you achieve the standards you need.