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We are an internationally recognised, independent organisation whose
unique expertise delivers sustainable natural resource management,
from policy, investment and procurement, to production on the ground.

The Proforest Initiative

was set up in 2010 to make our expertise and experience accessible to sustainability initiatives, government departments, and non-governmental and civil society organisations.

As a charity, the Proforest Initiative is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales (charity number 1137523) and is overseen by an independent board of trustees. The Initiative delivers three of our programmes:

  • Support for sustainability initiatives: offering technical support for organisations developing standards and safeguards to promote better management of natural resources. Proforest facilitates dialogue, promotes information sharing and helps initiatives to scale-up impacts.
  • Policy, science and research: bringing practical experience and advice to policy-makers and researchers, supporting the development of effective, science-based policy for sustainable resource use.
  • Training and capacity building: delivering effective training, through courses, workshops and technical guides on setting and implementing sustainability standards and safeguards, supply chain controls and stakeholder engagement.

The Proforest Initiative engages with a wide variety of organisations. See here for our engagement strategy.