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We are an internationally recognised, independent organisation whose
unique expertise delivers sustainable natural resource management,
from policy, investment and procurement, to production on the ground.

The Migros criteria for Oil Palm

In 2002, the Swiss supermarket Migros was at the forefront of responsible purchasing when it decided to source sustainably produced palm oil for its own-brand margarine. As no international standard for sustainable palm oil production existed at the time, Migros asked WWF for advice, who in turn, came to Proforest.

MIGROS | 2002 to 2003

Working closely with Migros and WWF, Proforest developed the Migros Criteria – a groundbreaking set of principles for sustainable palm oil production that our team field-tested in Ghana, Colombia and Brazil. These quickly became the first international benchmark for sustainable palm oil production until the international Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standard was developed.

The Migros Criteria inspired a similar set of principles, the Basel Criteria for soy, which were developed for the Swiss supermarket Co-op and are still in use today.