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EU and GFTN project for legal and sustainable forest management in Africa and Asia

In 2005 WWF's Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) received funding for a period of 5 years to assist developing countries to improve governance of their forest resources. Proforest has executed several parts of this project, including the production of training material and practical guides.

With GFTN for the EC | 2005 to 2010

This project aimed to promote the conservation and sustainable management of tropical forests, by supporting developing countries to improve governance of their forest resources whilst directly contributing to the implementation of the EU Action Plan for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT).

The whole project was split up in 5 parts. Proforest was partner for 2 parts of this work which focused on four of the partner countries: China, Vietnam, Ghana and Central Africa (Gabon/Cameroon). The two parts were:

  • production of regional practical guides on stepwise certification, timber tracking and responsible timber sourcing;
  • strengthening of capacity of the auditors, producers and users of forest products and technical specialists.

For the first part of the project Proforest produced a series of practical guides and two draft national interpretations for High Conservation Values for Ghana and Gabon. The outputs of the latter part of the project is a series of training material that will be used by GFTN.

The practical guides are available below, as are the general introduction and the regional introductions to Africa and Asia.