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24 publications for: forestry

  • Briefing notes on FLEGT and REDD+

    2014 | Proforest for EU REDD Facility

    Both the EU Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) action plan and the UN supported Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) mechanism aim to achieve better forest management in developing countries. Though there are clear differences between these two initia... Read more

  • Consumer country measures: best practice in facilitating the legal trade in precious woods and lessons learnt

    J Lam | 2012 | Proforest for Chatham House

    This paper outlines the experiences with applying best practices and lessons learnt in consumer countries to tackle the illegal trade of precious and high value woods. The paper identifies the range of different initiatives and measures driving the demand for legal and/or sustainable timber in consu... Read more

  • Assessment of Certification and Legality Verification Schemes against the EU Timber Regulation

    2012 | Proforest for ETTF

    This report, commissioned by the European Timber Trade Federation, assesses whether timber certification and legality verification schemes comply with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) which will come into force in March 2013. Read more

  • EU timber regulation briefing note

    2011 | Proforest

    In March 2013 the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation will come into force. This new legislation prohibits placing timber on the EU market if it was illegally harvested. To achieve this, it sets out procedures which those trading timber within the EU must put in place to minimise the risk of il... Read more

  • An overview of legality verification systems

    2011 | Proforest

    There are several legality verification systems operating; these systems are not approved forest certification schemes like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC), but may be used to ensure legality and traceability of wood and ti... Read more

  • FLEGT licensed timber and EU member state procurement policies

    2010 | Proforest for EFI EU FLEGT Facility

    Based on the development of the first FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs), it is now clear that the agreements deliver much more than legality and sustainability at the forest management unit level. This briefing note explains how the VPAs complement forest certification and can help publi... Read more

  • Market requirements for legal and sustainable timber

    J Lam, A Cura | 2010 | Proforest

    This report provides information for anyone involved in the timber trade on the emerging market requirements for legal timber and sustainable timber products, with the main focus on the EU market but also considering the US and elsewhere. We included a particular focus on the implications for Chine... Read more

  • Review of timber legality verification schemes

    J Lam, A Cura | 2010 | Proforest

    This study was conducted to examine the characteristics of existing legality verification schemes covering the following aspects: how legality is defined, definition of legality, chain of custody requirements and product claims, and verification. It also includes the practical experiences in impleme... Read more

  • The EU Due Diligence Regulation and UK Producers

    2009 | Proforest for Defra

    The proposed Due Diligence regulation will require that operators placing timber on the EU market for the first time implement and run a ‘due diligence’ system to minimize the risk that the timber comes from an illegal source. This applies to timber originating from both outside and from within ... Read more

  • FSC guide for biodiversity management in small and low intensity forests

    C Stewart, D Robinson, P G George, T Rayden | 2009 | Forest Stewardship Council

    This new guide, produced by ProForest and FSC, is intended to help managers and owners of small-scale and low intensity forest operations maintain or implement the management of biodiversity and High Conservation Values (HCVs) within their forests. The guide is designed to help them meet FSC certifi... Read more

  • FSC briefing notes and case studies for smallholders and community forestry operations

    2008 | Forest Stewardship Council, Worldwide Fund for Nature, Proforest

    Proforest has collaborated with the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to develop a package of FSC endorsed user-friendly information on topic of importance to smallholders and communities. The material is designed to be used by small forest owner associations, ... Read more

  • Beyond Timber: Certification and Management of Non-Timber Forest Products

    D Robinson, P Shanley, S Laird, A Pierce | 2008 | Center for International Forestry Research

    This book, co-written by a ProForest team member, is a valuable contribution and a practical guide for communities, researchers, policy makers, and donors interested in assessing the value of investing time and effort in the still elaborate and costly process of gaining independent international rec... Read more

  • Assessment, Management & Monitoring of High Conservation Values: A practical guide for forest managers

    T Rayden | 2008 | Proforest

    This guide is intended for forest and land managers. It should help those interested in the sustainable management of forests and those committed to certification against the Forest Stewardship Council’s Principles and Criteria for Responsible Forest Management. This guide is intended to help with... Read more

  • Forest Governance and Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD)

    J Saunders, R Nussbaum | 2007 | Chatham House Energy, Environment and Development Programme

    Presented at the UNFCCC in Bali, December 2007. This paper sets out a number of lessons from ongoing efforts to improve forest governance, which should be considered at both the design and implementation stage of a potential REDD mechanism, and suggests that those countries that improve their forest... Read more

  • The Forest Certification Handbook - 2nd Edition

    R Nussbaum, M Simula | 2005 | Earthscan

    This book gives practical advice on developing, selecting and operating a certification programme which provides both market security and raises standards of forestry management. Read more

  • The Sustainable Forestry Handbook - 2nd Edition

    R Nussbaum, A Hoare, C McDermott, J Saunders, P Moura Costa, N Judd, S Bass, S Higman, J Mayers | 2005 | Earthscan

    The Sustainable Forestry Handbook is the essential aid to understanding and implementing new standards of forestry management. Aimed primarily at forest managers and management teams in tropical, developing countries, this informative guide is based around the Forest Stewardship Council’s Principl... Read more

  • Forest Certification: A Review of Impacts and Assessment Frameworks

    M Simula | 2004 | The Forests Dialogue (Yale University)

    Executive summary of the impacts of forest certification, and four assessment frameworks, commissioned by The Forests Dialogue (TFD). Read more

  • High Conservation Value Forest toolkit

    T Evans, N Judd, R Nussbaum, S Jennings | 2003 | Proforest

    The High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) toolkit was the first comprehensive guidance on the High Conservation Values concept. The toolkit comes in 3 parts. Part 1 gives a general introduction to the concept of HCVF and how different users can apply it. Part 2 provides a practical methodology to be... Read more

  • Modular Implementation and Verification (MIV): a toolkit for the phased application of forest management standards and certification

    I Gray | 2003 | Proforest

    Modular Implementation and Verification (MIV) provides a practical tool for achieving phased or stepwise application of forest management standards and certification. Read more

  • Group Certification for Forests: A Practical Guide

    R Nussbaum | 2002 | Forestry Research Programme, Proforest

    With input from the Soil Association Woodmark Programme, the Rainforest Alliance SmartWood Network and SGS Qualifor. Read more

  • Assessing Forest Certification Schemes: A Practical Guide

    M Garforth | 2002 | Proforest

    With input from Patrick Armstrong, Pierre Hauselmann, Sophie Higman, Markku Simula and Nancy Vallejo. This practical guide identifies and discusses the features which make a forest certifications scheme reliable and effective providing users with a sound basis for making their own assessment of a... Read more

  • Getting Small Forest Enterprises into Certification: How standards constrain the certification of small forest enterprises (2002)

    R Nussbaum | 2002 | Forestry Research Programme, Proforest

    With input from Fernando Aguilar, Aurea Nardelli and Hannah Scrase This report examines the constraints facing small forest enterprises which derive specifically from forestry certification standards, discusses the causes of these constraints, and offers a number of options for reducing the barrie... Read more

  • Contractors and Certification: How does Forest Certification Impact the Use of Contractors

    R Nussbaum | 2001 | Proforest

    One of the requirements of most certification standards for forestry is that the welfare and rights of the forest workforce are considered and protected. Within this overall requirement the issue of contractors needs to be considered. Read more

  • Forest Certification: Verifying Sustainable Management (2000)

    R Nussbaum | 2000 | Proforest

    Paper presented at the workshop on Streamlining Local-Level Information for Sustainable Forest Management, 28-30 August 2000, University of British Colombia, Canada. Read more

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