Complaints Form

Within two working days of receipt of a disclosure, a preliminary review meeting either physically or via a video conference will be organised with group operations director, group HR manager and two other members of the Executive Directors Group to decide whether the matter falls within the scope of this procedure and if so whether there are grounds for proceeding with an investigation.

Where the matter is to be the subject of investigation, the investigation should be conducted as sensitively as possible and normally be complete within eight weeks of the disclosure is made. In some cases, it may be appropriate to involve external experts or agents in the investigation.

When an allegation concerns a named individual, the person concerned will be informed of the allegation and of the evidence supporting it. He/she will be invited to respond to the allegation as part of the investigation before any final conclusion is reached. The point at which it is appropriate for the individual to be informed will depend on the nature of the case.

A report summarising all disclosures and inquiries and any subsequent actions taken will be made by the Director leading the process.

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