This Code of Conduct sets out standards of behavior we expect of any representative of Proforest, whether employee, consultant, contructor or partner. 

“Proforest” means any Proforest entity around the world and the Proforest Group as a whole. 

As a representative of Proforest, I will 

1. Comply with legal and professional standards 

  • 1.1. ensure all my work is lawful and contributes to delivery of Proforest’s mission. 
  • 1.2. always act with care and competence and ensure my conduct is consistent with Proforest’s values and quality standards 
  • 1.3. promise only what I expect to deliver and only make commitments I intend to keep and not knowingly mislead or harm others 
  • 1.4. devote substantially the whole of my time, attention and ability during my hours of work to the duties of my appointment, act in the best interests of Proforest and use my best endeavours to promote the interests of Proforest 
  • 1.5. not have my judgement impaired at work due to the influence of alcohol or use, or be in possession of, illegal substances 

2. Treat people with dignity and respect 

  • 2.1. respect all people’s rights and will not discriminate against anyone because of their gender, sexuality, religion, disability, ethnic origin or age 
  • 2.2. not engage in any form of bullying, harassment, sexual exploitation or abuse of any persons of any age 

3. Act with honesty and integrity 

  • 3.1. not engage in any form of fraud and corruption and not offer, promise, give or accept any bribes, inappropriate gifts or hospitality, as well as not falsify any company records 
  • 3.2. declare any potential financial, personal, family (or close intimate relationship) interest in matters of official business which may impact on the work of Proforest by maintaining an up to date Conflict of Interest Declaration 
  • 3.3. use my best endeavours to report any suspected or actual breach of Conduct in the workplace by others to my line manager or through formal reporting procedures 

4. Protect Proforest’s information, resources and interests 

  • 4.1. use my discretion when handling sensitive or confidential information including personal data and use my best endeavours to ensure data security 
  • 4.2. account appropriately for all Proforest resources (eg. money, office equipment, computers including the use of email, internet and intranet) and not deliberately damage or neglect Proforest’s resources 
  • 4.3. seek authorization before communicating externally in Proforest’s name and refrain from spreading messages of a controversial or libellous nature 

5. Minimise risk of negative impact or doing harm 

  • 5.1. conduct activities with consideration for their impact on human lives, wellbeing and the environment 
  • 5.2. avoid any activities that may have a negative impact on vulnerable groups such as children or vulnerable adults 
  • 5.3. avoid any unnecessary risk to the safety, health and welfare of myself and others, including partner organisations and beneficiaries. 
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