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Proforest works with production and supply chain companies globally, to support responsible smallholder development across agricultural commodity sectors. We provide the secretariat for the SHARP Programme, which brings together the private sector in collaboration with other stakeholders including financial institutions, governments, NGOs and smallholders themselves.

Our work includes:

Implementing responsible production and sourcing

We work with production and supply chain companies to help them support their smallholder producers. For example:

  • through the SHARP Programme we are developing a framework for responsible sourcing from smallholders. This will help companies to work with their smallholder suppliers to deliver on responsible sourcing commitments, while improving their production practices and building sustainable livelihoods.
  •  working with Shell and its Thai partner, Patum Veg, to assess potential High Conservation Values (HCVs) in smallholder palm oil production areas in Thailand, and recommend practices for improving their identification and management by smallholders.  

Developing capacity

Through the SHARP Programme we are developing tools to support smallholder capacity development. For example we are:

  • developing models for the expansion of smallholder supply through out-grower schemes, facilitating lesson sharing from existing practices, and convening stakeholders to develop new ideas for responsible management of expansion. 

Supporting multistakeholder initiatives

We work with multistakeholder initiatives to help them make their systems and requirements appropriate to the needs and capacities of smallholders. This includes:

  • providing facilitation and technical assistance to the RSPO for the revision of their guidance documents for smallholder group certification
  • working with the HCV Resource Network to develop a simplified approach for the identification, management and monitoring of HCVs in low-risk smallholder landscapes