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Book now for our RSPO-endorsed Supply Chain Certification course

Registration is now open for our first ever Supply Chain Certification course to take place in Europe.

Any company wishing to buy, sell or process RSPO-certified palm oil products need to demonstrate compliance with the RSPO Supply Chain Certification (SCC) standard.

Proforest will run a three-day course on this standard in Liverpool in November. The course will focus on the practical application of the RSPO SCC systems and includes a practical audit exercise at a local refinery. 

"The training is well organised, informative and easy to learn. "
Feedback from participant on Proforest's Johor SCC course

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants from the SCC course that we ran in Johor, Malaysia, in February. The visit to a processor and mock audit exercise was particularly valued by participants. 

To find out more and sign up for this course click here

Published 25.09.2017
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To find out more and sign up for this course click here