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Oil palm stakeholders meet to discuss certification at Honduras workshop

The Proforest Initiative, together with ICADE, Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) and Hondupalma organised a workshop on oil palm certification in the department of Yoro, Honduras on 13 December 2012. Over 90 representatives of companies, NGOs, certification bodies and the Honduran government attended the workshop which aimed to exchange information, promote discussion and build capacity on certification and sustainable palm production in Honduras.

While production of oil palm in Honduras can bring important economic benefits, there are also potential environmental and social risks. Sustainable palm oil certification standards can be a useful tool for mitigating these risks.

There is an increasing interest in the implementation of sustainable oil palm production and certification in Honduras, in particular in the internationally recognised standards of the Roundtable for Responsible Palm Oil (RSPO) and the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). However, currently there is a lack of experience in the implementation of these two standards in the Honduran oil palm sector. The objectives of this workshop were to increase understanding of the two standards and their differences and similarities and to exchange information about the current and future work related to sustainable oil palm production in Honduras.

The workshop was organized in the facilities of a Honduran palm oil company Hondupalma that is currently in the process of implementing both the RSPO and the SAN certification standards.

Published 08.01.2013