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ProForest opens South East Asia regional office

In March Proforest opened its South East Asia regional office, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Regional manager Perpetua George will run the office, with other staff joining her for specific projects.

“ProForest has always worked worldwide - in Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe,” explains Pep. “Our ethos is ‘think globally and act locally’. So far we have been able to do this through our network of trusted partners and colleagues. In Malaysia this was Wild Asia, with whom we have worked together for several years now. Having our own presence in the region will not only strengthen this relationship, but also means we are closer to our clients and will be able to respond more quickly to issues happening on the ground. For me personally, as a Malaysian, it will mean coming home to the region where all the action is.”

The main focus for ProForest in South East Asia has been on providing assessments and advice on practical implementation issues in the fields of agricultural commodities, particularly oil palm and forestry industries. “With the new base in Kuala Lumpur we will now also be able to provide much more on-site advisory and scheduled training courses, which is always difficult to do when you are based in Europe.”

But not only our Asian clients profit from this regional office, as ProForest Director Neil Judd explains. “We work with investors and importers in the UK and Europe who require assurance of their product supply chain and sourcing - including issues related to oil palm production, biofuel feedstock sourcing, timber procurement and illegal logging. Our regional presence enables us to conduct checks and due diligence much more efficiently and cost effectively. It will also expand our already extensive local knowledge, expertise and experience.”

To contact our South East Asia regional office mail or call +60 (0)3 6201 1148

Published 15.04.2009