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SHARP Partnership is looking for Director

The SHARP Partnership is looking for an experienced, dynamic and innovative professional to become its first Director and to coordinate and further develop the SHARP initiative.

The Smallholder Acceleration and REDD+ Programme (SHARP) is a new multi-stakeholder partnership which works with the private sector to support sustainable smallholder development, while improving livelihoods, minimising deforestation and improving food security.

The candidate will have the responsibility for managing day-to-day activities and operations of SHARP, maintaining relations with SHARP partners, coordinating and managing teams and fundraising and strategy development for SHARP in the long term.  The candidate will report to the directors of Proforest in addition to the Executive Board of SHARP.

Responsibilities of the director will include:

  • leading the development and growth of the SHARP initiative through fundraising and building networks;
  • overseeing the development and implementation of SHARP programmes. These are currently 1) successful models for sustainable smallholder development, 2) integration of smallholders into sustainable supply chains and 3) practical approaches for smallholders to minimise deforestation);
  • coordinating communication and collaboration with the SHARP partners and project funders;
  • overseeing and coordinate the work of SHARP personnel and consultants;
  • together with SHARP colleagues, establishing platforms for mutual learning and information sharing; 
  • managing, overseeing and reporting on the overall SHARP budget;
  • leading in monitoring and reporting of SHARP results and deliverables;
  • developing a long term strategy for SHARP as an independent organization.

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Published 11.06.2014