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Towards sustainable palm oil: a framework for action

S Persey, R Nussbaum, M Hatchwell, S Christie, H Crowley | 2011 | ZSL

While it is becoming widely accepted that there is an urgent need to increase the sustainability of current practices relating to the production and use of palm oil, consensus has yet to be reached on how this can best be achieved. Towards this end, in May 2011 the Zoological Society of London, in collaboration with Proforest and the Wildlife Conservation Society, convened a symposium entitled ‘Sustainable palm oil: challenges, a common vision and the way forward’. The aim of this symposium was to bring together leading scientists, policy makers, companies and NGOs to present the latest science and discuss effective policies, tools and practice for increasing the sustainability of global palm oil production. This publication is based on the proceedings of the symposium.