High Carbon Stock Approach / Land Use Change Analysis GIS training course Ghana

This course will provide participants with an in-depth knowledge of the remote sensing and GIS procedures of the High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA) and Land Use Change Analysis (LUCA) as required by the RSPO Remediation and Compensation Procedure (RaCP).

This training course is meant for remote sensing and GIS experts and consists of two components. The first component focuses on the HCSA, and the second on the LUCA as required by the RSPO RaCP. Although it is possible for participants to register for one component only, we would suggest participants to register for the full training course as both approaches rely heavily on similar GIS-procedures and there is thus some overlap between the two components. 

While the methods of the two approaches will be introduced to the participants by means of formal presentations, most of the training will consist of practical exercises and case-study tasks. As no formal certificate will be provided, a written exam won’t be taken.

Course objectives

High Carbon Stock Approach

  • Train GIS experts on the remote sensing and GIS components of the HCSA.
  • Familiarize the participants with the HCSA assessment process, including field sampling design and social requirements.
  • Develop the skills to understand and apply the HCSA components through a simulated HCSA assessment.
  • Train the participants on the High Conservation Value Resource Network quality assurance requirements of  integrated HCV-HCSA assessments.

Land Use Change Analysis

  • Provide an overview of the RSPO Remediation and Compensation Procedure (RaCP)
  • Train people with GIS background on LUCA under the RSPO RaCP.
  • Develop participants’ skills to understand and carry out the LUCA through a simulated case-study.


  • This course is meant for remote sensing and GIS experts who would like to have a full understanding of the GIS procedures being applied for conducting HCSA and LUCA.
  • The course will benefit company staff wishing to be able to conduct preliminary HCSA analyses or conduct in-house Land Use Change Analyses in the framework of the RSPO RaCP.
  • The course would also be interesting for NGOs and government officials seeking a rigorous introduction to the GIS procedures of HCSA and LUCA.


Participants should have a good understanding of general GIS concepts and be familiar with GIS software. They will have to bring their own laptop with GIS software (ArcGIS, Idrisi or QGIS) installed on it and will need to complete a few online modules before attending the face-to-face course.


Both course trainers have ample experience with HCSA and LUCA and are conservation and responsible production experts. 

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High Carbon Stock Approach / Land Use Change Analysis GIS training course Ghana

November 2019

Accra, Ghana


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