La orientación a más largo plazo también ayuda tanto a los evaluadores como a los profesionales a desarrollar sus habilidades prácticas, lo que finalmente desarrolla una cohorte de expertos locales en los países productores.

También contribuimos o proporcionamos formación en línea y seminarios web a través de nuestras plataformas y de nuestros socios. Los recursos disponibles públicamente, como los seminarios web Soy Toolkit, tienen como objetivo capacitar al personal de la empresa y a otros para tomar mejores decisiones en lo que respecta al abastecimiento y producción responsables.

At a more technical level, we provide organisations and companies with bespoke training and internal workshops on the specific challenges of more responsible sourcing and production.

Through our grant-funded programmes we are able to run longer capacity building programmes to support governance and informed decision-making by local communities and government. Tailored to national or local needs from government, NGOs and civil society, we cover issues such as FPIC, gender mainstreaming and land rights, as well as technical skills including HCV-HCS assessments.

Longer term mentoring also helps both assessors and practitioners build their practical skills, which ultimately develops a cohort of local experts in production countries.

Interested in our courses?

Our training team can help! If you would like to attend one of our training courses, are interested in creating a bespoke programme for your organisation, or want to learn more about running a Proforest mentoring programme contact our training team or visit Proforest Academy.  Proforest Academy

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