6 noviembre 2023

Multistakeholder engagement on sustainable transition of soy and cattle sectors


Multistakeholder engagement on sustainable transition of soy and cattle sectors

Proforest, TFA and the Consumer Goods Forum Forest Positive Coalition of Action (CGF FPC) are in Brazil this week for a number of key meetings and activities focused on the sustainable transition of the soy and cattle sectors. 

The goal is to foster deeper understanding by the international community of recent policy developments in Brazil, mobilise resources to support the sustainable transition of the soy and cattle sectors and strengthen multistakeholder collaboration to help achieve Brazil’s climate and nature goals.  

The CGF FPC companies are key participants in a multistakeholder meeting with representatives from government, communities and private sector. On the sidelines, the FPC Soy and Beef Working Groups are meeting with suppliers to share key issues and concerns, and discuss the expectations of the FPC and look at opportunities for further collaboration in landscapes. 

Proforest has been suppporting the field visits from its office in Brasilia, where the team has been working with partners and suppliers to arrange meetings and activities in three different landscapes: 

  • Mato Grosso State: Tangará da Serra, in the Cerrado and Amazon biome, looking at a Jurisdictional Approach to sustainable commodity sourcing; hosted by PCI Institute. 

  • Pará State: Novo Repartimento, in the Amazon, looking at family farm production systems in a landscape approach, hosted by Solidaridad and Imaflora. Proforest is responsible for the project coordination and involvement of the CGF FPC and potential partners. 

  • Tocantins State: Palmas, in the Cerrado biome, looking at low carbon soy and cattle; hosted by Conservation International. 



Proforest is a technical and strategic partner to the CGF FPC, including in the development of commodity roadmaps (beef, soy, palm oil, and pulp, paper & packaging) and in the development of its landscape ambition and planning. We have also developed the methodology to track and report on the collective progress against a single set of agreed KPIs in the FPC Annual Report