31 October 2022

Africa Sustainable Commodities Initiative to be signed at CoP27

Africa Sustainable Commodities Initiative to be signed at CoP27

Single set of principles for the responsible production of commodities 

Nov 7 – 18th, Sharm El-Sheikh International Convention Center (SHICC) 

Momentum is building for this year’s CoP27, where ten African governments will sign the declaration for the Africa Sustainable Commodities Initiative (ASCI). 

Africa Sustainable Commodities Initiative 

An African owned and led initiative, ASCI is a single set of principles for the responsible production of agricultural commodities in Africa; protecting forests, good governance, and transparency, while ensuring social benefits for farmers, communities, marginalised peoples and their human rights. 

It builds and expands upon the ‘Marrakesh Declaration for Sustainable Development of the Palm Oil Sector’ signed by seven African governments in 2016, operationalized through APOI, a programme we have managed since inception. 

The signing will take place in the Ghana Government’s national pavilion at 2pm on Wednesday, November 9th.

Proforest will also be hosting African leaders at a reception ahead of the CoP27 programme, alongside Nature4Climate, with partnership from IUCN, the UN High Level Champions team and Global Evergreening Alliance.  

Participatory Land Use Planning in Liberia 

As part of Proforest’s Production Landscapes Programme, James Parker will be speaking about Participatory Land Use Planning in Liberia with UK Aid’s Forest Market, Governance and Climate programme.  

The aim of this initiative is to develop a Participatory Land Use Plan that identifies land suitable for agriculture production and forest for conservation in 19 County Districts in South East Liberia. Participatory Land Use Planning (PLUP) is a rights-based approach ensuring inclusive and gender-responsive land governance, especially for those whose rights to land are not fully acknowledged. 

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