17 September 2014

Benso Oil Palm Plantations achieves RSPO certification


Benso Oil Palm Plantations achieves RSPO certification

Benso Oil Palm Plantations (BOPP) demonstrated their

commitment to sustainable palm oil production at an early stage, when they

became one of the first companies to join SWAPP in 2012.

Proforest and Solidaridad have been working with BOPP to support the

company’s efforts to achieve RSPO certification since 2011. Following a baseline

assessment of BOPP’s operations in 2011, Proforest worked with BOPP to draw up

and implement an action plan to address the non-compliances by the end of 2013.

We provided training and capacity building for BOPP staff on the RSPO

requirements, and also supported the company in specific technical areas,

including the HCV assessment and social impact assessment.

Throughout the process, Proforest has undertaken quarterly

reviews and has monitored implementation of the action plan, to make sure

progress stayed on track. BOPP successfully underwent a full certification

audit by a third party certification body in 2014. 

We’d like to congratulate BOPP on their achievement. This

demonstrates the results of a long-term partnership in which Proforest is proud

to participate.