23 March 2015

Congratulations to GOPDC on their RSPO certification!


Congratulations to GOPDC on their RSPO certification!

Proforest has been supporting improvement at GOPDC (part of the Siat Group) for some time, providing technical support, evaluation and guidance to help the company meet the requirements of RSPO. Proforest has carried out assessments of the company’s compliance with RSPO requirements and helped GOPDC to address any gaps identified. Our regular monitoring of progress has helped GOPDC to stay on track as it moved towards certification.

The company now plans to work towards certification of their operations in Nigeria, and hope to achieve RSPO certification at these sites in 2016.

Sandra Razanamandranto, Group Sustainability Manager at the Siat Group extended her thanks to Proforest: “On behalf of SIAT Group and GOPDC, I would like to thank you for the hard work and good support you provided to us."