15 April 2018

Launch of a new guide to sustainable rubber

Launch of a new guide to sustainable rubber

As the volume of rubber demand increases, awareness is growing of the social, environmental and governance related impacts of the production and processing of natural rubber. The Guidance to Sustainable Natural Rubber has been developed following a multi-stakeholder approach. and is the first comprehensive and risk-based standard in the global natural rubber industry to fill the gap between natural rubber sustainability standards for growing and processing.

Mooi See Tor, Proforest’s Southeast Asia deputy director attended the Sustainable Natural Rubber Symposium and Project Results Conference on January 26, 2018 in Beijing. Hosted by the China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals Importers & Exporters (CCCMC), the event brought together hundreds of representatives from China, Britain, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, and featured input from upstream and downstream rubber supply chain companies – including Pirelli and BMW, as well as experts from civil society NGOs and academia.

CCCMC has led on the development of the Guidance to Sustainable Natural Rubber since 2014. It is a sub-project of InFIT, the China-UK Collaboration on the International Forest Investment and Trade, which is jointly initiated by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the State Forestry Administration and the UK Department for International Development.

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of natural rubber planting and processing businesses, reduce the negative impact on the local ecological environment and rural livelihoods and establish a long-term and stable Investment relationship.

Proforest has supported with the development of sustainability indicators in collaboration with a group of key experts. The aim of the guide is to provide practical guidance for a wide range of stakeholders – from natural rubber plantation managers to key actors within the tyre or automobile sector.

Delegates at the Sustainable Natural Rubber Symposium and Project Results Conference in Beijing.

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