17 October 2017

Launch of the Support Programme for Smallholder Oil Palm Farmers in Mexico


Lanzamiento del Programa de Apoyo para Pequeños Agricultores de Palma de Aceite en México

To help ensure environmental and social sustainability, a new initiative is supporting Mexican smallholders to achieve RSPO certification.

Funded by PepsiCo and in collaboration with producer Oleopalma, this project has used the SHARP framework for Responsible Sourcing from Smallholder Farmers (RSS) to identify key risks and support needs in smallholder production.

It is the first initiative of its kind in Mexico, working with a core of around 150 smallholders and a wider cohort of around 1000. If successful, it could pave the way for introducing many more smallholders to the world of certification. 

Read the full story on the SHARP website.