14 April 2022

McDonald's Leaving a Legacy at WWC22


McDonald's Leaving a Legacy at WWC22

Proforest was invited to take part in McDonald’s WWC22 in Orlando in the first week of April, an event that brings together thousands of McDonald’s staff, suppliers, restaurant and franchisee teams as well as some McDonald’s partners.


We were part of the Global Impact exhibit, which was themed ‘Leaving a Legacy’, tied to the McDonald’s purpose of ‘Feeding and Fostering Communities’. Inside the exhibit there were various zones, including the “Our World” zone, which covered Climate and Energy, Forests, Packaging and Waste, Nutrition and Choice.


Marcelo Posonski, Deputy Director, Technical Operations at Proforest Brasil, was invited to be part of the area on commitment on forests. The key points for McDonald’s are:

•  Thriving forests are vital to protecting our climate, clean water supply, ecosystems, and soil.

•  Commercial agriculture is the biggest cause of deforestation – every year, an area of forests more than half the size of the state of Florida is lost to deforestation.

•  McDonald’s is committed to eliminating deforestation from our global supply chains by 2030.

•  We are already supporting deforestation-free supply chains for our beef, soy for chicken feed, palm oil, coffee, and fiber for guest packaging.


As above, McDonald’s is already supporting deforestation-free supply chain for the products used in greatest volumes. Proforest has been working with McDonald’s since 2017 to develop criteria, definitions and protocols for sourcing activities, as well as implementing a strategy for engaging with suppliers and monitoring and supporting their continuous improvement.


You can read more about McDonald’s pledge to Conserve Forests at https://corporate.mcdonalds.com/corpmcd/our-purpose-and-impact/our-planet/conserving-forests.html