4 November 2015

New guide to responsible sourcing published


New guide to responsible sourcing published

The New York Declaration on Forests saw some of the biggest consumer goods, agricultural commodity and forest product companies sign up publicly to the target of cutting natural forest loss in half by 2020 and striving to end it by 2030. More and more companies are making public commitments to source agricultural commodities and forest products from responsible suppliers that respect a range of environmental and social standards.

Yet implementing these commitments in practice is often a complex and challenging process. Many commodity supply chains are long and pass through numerous aggregation, trading, transformation and processing stages. It can be difficult to identify who actually produces the raw material entering a specific supply chain, let alone their environmental and social credentials.

This new guide from Proforest describes our approach to implementing responsible sourcing in clear practical steps. Based on two decades of hands-on experience in this field, this guide will help companies that are embarking on this path, or that are already driving forward the practical implementation of their commitments to responsible sourcing.

Download the guide here