28 September 2016

New series shares Proforest’s expertise


New series shares Proforest’s expertise

Proforest’s new series of briefings aims to guide companies, civil society organisations and others through the practical challenges of implementing responsible sourcing commitments.

Proforest has been helping companies and many other organisations to understand and implement responsible sourcing and production practices for forest and agricultural commodities for more than 15 years. In that time, we have worked with thousands of different supply chains, hundreds of companies and dozens of multi-stakeholder initiatives.

As more and more organisations make public their commitments to responsible sourcing, practical guidance on how to implement them is needed. Our new series of Responsible Sourcing and Production Briefings aims to provide that clarity, in concise, clear and practical terms.

The briefings apply to responsible sourcing in many commodities including palm oil, pulp and paper, sugar, soy and rubber. They are relevant to implementing commitments on zero deforestation, community development, child labour and human rights, biodiversity loss and land conflict among others.

Download the first briefing note: Delivering responsible sourcing in practice: an integrated approach.

Who are they for?

The briefings are aimed at people working in forest and agricultural commodity supply chains, who need to understand how to develop and implement responsible sourcing commitments. They will also be relevant for civil society organisations and practitioners working on land-based sustainability initiatives, and government officials involved in public–private approaches to agriculture and forest sustainability.

What are they about?

The briefings provide up-to-date information on fast-evolving issues in responsible sourcing of forest and agricultural commodities. Up-coming topics include:

  • Practical approaches to responsible sourcing
  • Jurisdictional and landscape approaches, and their application for responsible sourcing
  • Engaging with smallholder suppliers
  • Building on legality as an approach to responsible sourcing


The first Responsible Sourcing and Production Briefing is available here. If you want to receive further briefings in future, please subscribe here.

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