28 September 2021

Online event: Voluntary Monitoring Protocol for Cattle Suppliers in the Cerrado – Key results from the consultation

Online event: Voluntary Monitoring Protocol for Cattle Suppliers in the Cerrado – Key results from the consultation

Companies sourcing cattle products from the Brazilian Cerrado have started to develop responsible sourcing strategies to avoid purchases linked with social and environmental issues in the Cerrado biome. The world’s most biodiverse savannah is under increased scrutiny internationally, given the significant expansion of pasture and large-scale agricultural production over native vegetation in recent decades.

However, despite companies making commitments to conserve the Cerrado, challenges remain when it comes to acting on these commitments in the beef sector.

Proforest and Imaflora have jointly developed a voluntary monitoring protocol for cattle suppliers in the Cerrado biome, building on Proforest’s experience designing and implementing beef sourcing policies in the Cerrado, and Imaflora’s experience of developing the Monitoring Protocol for Cattle Suppliers in the Amazon.

The online event ‘Cerrado Monitoring Protocol – Key results from the consultation process’ took place on the 28th September.

The event covered: 

  • A summary of the consultation process
  • Key adjustments made to the protocol after the consultation process
  • Clarification of key controversial points raised during the consultation process
  • Expected next steps
  • A panel discussion on the potential usage of the Protocol by different stakeholders, and implementation challenges.

The hosts were:

  • Isabella Freire, Co-Director, Proforest
  • Lisandro Inakake, Project Coordinator, Imaflora

The panellists were:

  • Cláudio Almeida, Coordinator of the Monitoring Program for the Amazon and other Biomes, INPE
  • Pedro Amaral, Senior Sustainability Manager, Mars
  • Susy Midori, Sustainability Director of the holding company that controls GPA and Assaí in Brazil 
  • Taciano Custódio, Sustainability Director, Minerva
  • Nadine Cavusoglu, Director and CFO, Emerging Markets Investors Alliance
  • Simon Hall, Director, Tropical Forests and Agriculture, National Wildlife Federation

Watch a recording of the event below and check out the Cerrado Protocol website.

For more information about the Voluntary Monitoring Protocol for Cattle Suppliers in the Amazon, email info@proforest.net.

This work has been developed as part of the Good Growth Partnership’s Responsible Demand Project, thanks to financial support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

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