17 November 2020

Paulo Gustavo do Prado Pereira, who died on November 2, 2020


Paulo Gustavo do Prado Pereira, who died on November 2, 2020

It is with great regret that I announce the death of our trustee Paulo Gustavo do Prado Pereira. Paulo Gustavo had been a member of the Proforest Brazil Board since 2013. He died on November 2, 2020, leaving many memories and much admiration for him among his family and friends.

Paulo was fiercely passionate about conservation and eternally dissatisfied with the injustices he saw in Brazil and around the world. He built a successful career helping to establish and strengthen civil society and the environmental movement in Brazil. His combative and defiant attitude that was once considered unfashionable, has proved necessary again today.

Paulo was not someone who made great speeches; his attitude and actions spoke louder than words. Personally, I learned a lot from his authenticity and the way he stayed true to his values. He also taught me to take care of the people we work with and to value everyone’s contribution, whatever their role or job title.

Paulo Gustavo will leave a void on the board of Proforest Brazil, to which he always gave his close attention, his support and his inquiring mind. May he rest in peace and let us be worthy to carry his torch. Thank you, Paulo!

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