13 February 2018

PepsiCo launches smallholder palm oil program in Mexico


PepsiCo launches smallholder palm oil program in Mexico

The three-year programme aims to train 157 smallholders in sustainable palm oil cultivation techniques. It was designed by Proforest client, PepsiCo, and Mexican oil palm companies Oleofinos and Oleopalma, with support from Proforest, Femexpalma, RSPO, and various smallholder associations.


Making use of the SHARP Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders (RSS) framework, the programme will establish a replicable model for RSPO smallholders’ certification throughout the country.

The programme – which is the first of its kind in Mexico – will operate in four of the palm oil producing regions of the country: Palenque and Nueva Esperanza, Chiapas, Jalapa and Tenosique. Through this, the partners will carry out direct capacity-building work with 157 smallholders. It is expected to benefit more than 2,200 people over the next three years.

By the end of its implementation phase, the program aims to have achieved the following objectives:

  • To make it possible for all producers involved to obtain the RSPO Certification.
  • To improve the quality of life of producers and protect the property rights of the land, while preserving forests and biodiversity.
  • To inform about the benefits of sustainable production in 1,000 producers and 1,200 field workers who will participate in training initiatives.
  • To serve as a model of sustainable development for the oil palm industry in Mexico.

This program for smallholders is a key component of PepsiCo's comprehensive sustainability approach and will impact more than 52,000 hectares of palm oil plantations in Mexico whilst safeguarding biodiversity, building local capacity and improving smallholder quality of life.

"For many years, PepsiCo has been working to grow sustainably in the long term and thereby leave a positive impact on society and the environment. We call this business vision "Performance with Sense" [or its Spanish abbreviation, “PwP”]. We have set a goal that 100% of our palm oil will be RSPO certified by 2020," said Christine Daugherty, Vice President of Sustainable Agriculture at PepsiCo.