25 October 2021

Proforest at the Global Landscapes Forum Climate Conference 2021


Proforest at the Global Landscapes Forum Climate Conference 2021

Proforest will be part of the Global Landscapes Forum’s 2021 Climate Conference, ‘Forests, Food, Finance’, taking place in Glasgow and online from November 5 – 7, alongside CoP26.

Proforest staff will be on the panels of the following events. More information about registering to attend the GLF Climate Conference can be found here

Rethinking Supply Chains: Transforming Business Practices to Enable Ecosystem Restoration

Deforestation-free supply chains alone will not be enough to address the climate and biodiversity crises. This online event will focus on the transformational change that is needed to enable nature-positive supply chains, discussing new approaches and possibilities, as well as the barriers that need to be tackled for this change to take place.

Mike Senior, Deputy Director at Proforest, will be part of this panel on 7th November, along with Anique Hillbrand, Oro Verde Programme Manager; Kennedy Ntoso, Head of Olam Ghana; Leander Raes, Economist at IUCN and Mirjam Wolfrum, Director at CDP Europe.

A summary of the event can be found here

HCV Screening to Prioritise Conservation and Livelihoods in Production Landscapes

High Conservation Value (HCV) screening allows us to understand which environmental and social values are present in a landscape or jurisdiction, and how these values are threatened. On Nature Day, 6 November, Proforest will be joining the HCV Network and GIZ Indonesia for an online event entitled HCV Screening to Prioritize Conservation and Livelihoods in Production Landscapes. 

This online event will consider how HCV screening can prevent the destruction of nature in production landscapes. Hélène Mbaididje, Project Manager at Proforest, will be part of the panel on 6th November, with Klothilde Sikun, GIS and Spatial Planning Advisor at GIZ Indonesia and Ellen Watson, Technical Manager at HCV Resource Network.

A summary of the online event can be found here. Watch the video below and find out more about our HCV-HCS work here

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