30 May 2017

Proforest joins annual conference on responsible soy


Proforest joins annual conference on responsible soy

The RT12 conference, spanning two days, brings together stakeholders from the global soy supply chain, and offers a valuable opportunity to share ideas and practical solutions on how continuous improvement can be achieved in the soy sector.

Mike Senior, Senior Project Manager, will talk about risk analysis in supply chains. In particular, he will explain how Proforest is assessing risk of deforestation and habitat conversion in soy supply chains in Brazil using GIS and supplier information. Such risk assessment is one element of prioritising engagement with suppliers in a complex supply chain. He will also explore the challenge of building a ‘supply base’ model for soy and the importance of harmonising risk assessment methods across organisations.

Our Deputy Director of Responsible Sourcing, Erin Logan, will later discuss supply chain transparency, exploring the opportunities and challenges involved in improving transparency both upstream and downstream. She will also present some of the existing tools and initiatives that companies can use to achieve their zero deforestation commitments.

Isabella Vitali, our Brazil Country Director, will help bring the conference to a close, summarising the key learning outcomes of RT12 and considering what the future priority issues may be in achieving sustainable soy.


The RT12 takes place 31 May – 1 June in Lille, France.


View the full programme at the RTRS website.


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