2 September 2014

Proforest teams up with Daemeter and the Rainforest Alliance


Proforest teams up with Daemeter and the Rainforest Alliance

The palm oil sector is facing increasing demands

from customers and stakeholders to eliminate deforestation and shift towards

traceable and more transparent supply chains. Our collaboration with Daemeter

and the Rainforest Alliance allows us to provide holistic services for the palm

oil sector, with technical and operational staff located globally including

ground support in all of the major palm oil producing and consuming regions. Within

these regions, the consortium has established relationships and partnerships

with key stakeholders, including governments and NGOs, which are fundamental

and which enables us to deliver our services effectively and efficiently.

Our track record for both technical and practical support,

and our combined experience spanning many decades and a wide range of

disciplines, can be tailored to meet the needs and objectives of our clients.

With offices and staff located in Africa, South America and Southeast

Asia, as well as Europe and the US, our team has in-depth knowledge and

understanding of producer regions, consumer markets and their stakeholder

networks, and can deliver fast and cost-effective support to companies

throughout the supply chain.

Our services include:

  • Policy commitments - We assist in the development and implementation of policies that meet internal and external commitments and stakeholder expectations.
  • Supply chain mapping - We can work across your entire supply base to identify and promote transparent, traceable supply chains for your palm oil sources.
  • Responsible sourcing - We can work with your suppliers to help them understand and meet your commitments in areas such as deforestation, labour and land rights.
  • Deforestation risk mapping - We can provide robust, user friendly maps of current forest cover and future deforestation risk to identify high risk suppliers and support pro-active engagement with them.
  • Risk assessment/profiling – We can provide risk assessments based on the criteria of importance to you to allow focus on key risk areas.
  • Effective smallholder engagement - We can help you with baseline data collection and programmes to monitor improve practices and engagement with smallholders.
  • New planting assessments - We can ensure that your new planting developments meet all relevant requirements relating to HCS, HCV, peat land, legality and social impacts.
  • Plantation operations - We can audit your current operations against production standards such as RSPO, ISPO, ISCC and SAN, and develop action plans to achieve certification.
  • Investment due diligence - We can evaluate social, environmental and legal compliance with policy commitments related to financial transactions, joint ventures, acquisitions or new developments.
  • Training and capacity building - We offer training courses to ensure that staff are able to understand and effectively implement new sustainability practices.

For further information:

Contact Proforest Southeast Asia Regional Office via +60

(0)3 62011148 or sea@proforest.net, or Daemeter via + 62 251 8336973

or info@daemeter.org, or the Rainforest Alliance

via  +44 (0)20 7947 4909.