22 October 2018

Recent report celebrates Proforest’s work on responsible soy and palm oil


Recent report celebrates Proforest’s work on responsible soy and palm oil

The Good Growth Partnership was launched in 2017 with the purpose of bringing together a wide range of stakeholders and initiatives throughout soy, beef and palm oil supply chains to reduce deforestation and enable sustainable development. The Good Growth Partnership Highlights Report 2018, released on October 8, showcases some of the most impressive work carried out by coalition partners to date.

Among these is The Soy Toolkit developed by Proforest in Latin America, and the Africa Palm Oil Initiative (APOI) coordinated by Proforest on behalf of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 (TFA 2020) in Africa; two landscapes at the front line of deforestation and ‘good growth’.

The Soy Toolkit aims to provide traders, food processors and retailers with a clear and accessible guide to a wide range of existing and emerging solutions available at each of the five key stages of the soy responsible sourcing process:

The Toolkit is being developed by Proforest as part of the Good Growth Partnership's Responsible Demand Project, thanks to financial support from the Global Environment Facility through the World Wildlife Fund.

In the coming months, Proforest will be producing a series of briefing notes on each of the elements in the five-part approach, providing companies greater insight into how to engage with the wide range of tools/initiatives available. 

The Africa Palm Oil Initiative is the first signature initiative of TFA 2020, working with stakeholders at both national and regional levels to develop acceptable principles for responsible oil palm development in Central and West Africa. With the support of the Good Growth Partnership, this year Proforest has facilitated multi-stakeholder dialogues in a number of key African countries and at the regional scale. This involved convening government, corporate and civil society stakeholders to build on national and regional understandings of deforestation-free palm oil and develop national principles to guide sustainable palm oil production. The initiative now moves forward to putting these principles into practice, advancing the implementation of sustainable commodity production in Africa

The APOI is funded with UK aid from the UK government through the Partnership for Forests Programme and from the Global Environment Facility through the Good Growth Partnership, via World Wildlife Fund.

The Good Growth Partnership is led by the United Nations Development Programme and implemented in collaboration with Conservation International, the International Finance Corporation, UN Environment and World Wildlife Fund.

As an executing partner of the Good Growth Partnership, Proforest looks forward to continued collaboration with the partnership to enhance awareness and sustainable demand among major commodity traders.

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