13 January 2021

Respecting human rights risks and issues within landscape initiatives


Respecting human rights risks and issues within landscape initiatives

This paper discusses important elements of approaches to respect human rights risks and issues within landscape initiatives.

This paper was produced in support of a joint initiative by the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) and LandScale (a shared initiative of Conservation International, the Rainforest Alliance and Verra), and has been used by them to provide guidance to stakeholders designing and implementing landscape programmes.

Often, a sustainable landscape initiative starts with the focus and intention to protect nature and ecosystem values and improve production. To ensure that all aspects of sustainability are covered, it is essential to also understand the interaction between conservation, improved production and impacts on human rights of key stakeholders in the landscape. If not carefully designed and integrated into the design of landscape initiatives, the landscape initiative may miss the opportunity to also deliver positive impacts and address negative impacts on people in the landscape. This discussion paper proposes an initial framework and outline for integrating and safeguarding human rights as part of landscape programme design and implementation and is also an invitation to interested parties to provide further input and pilot elements of the proposed framework.

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