16 July 2019

Responsible sourcing and production briefings: a retrospect


Responsible sourcing and production briefings: a retrospect

As more and more organisations make public their commitments to responsible sourcing, practical guidance on how to implement them is needed. Proforest’s Responsible sourcing and production briefing series aims to provide just that – in concise, clear and practical terms.  

Launched over two years ago, the briefings provide up-to-date information on fast-evolving issues in responsible sourcing of forest and agricultural commodities, including palm oil, pulp and paper, sugar, soy and rubber. Topics so far have included smallholder and supplier engagement, legality, the HCS Approach, geospatial risk assessment and landscape or jurisdictional initiatives.

The most recent briefing, titled ‘Agricultural Commodity Responsible Sourcing (ACRES): taking action within and beyond supply chains’ sets out our latest approach to effectively delivering on company commitments - developed in collaboration with the companies and partners we work with. This approach reflects all we have learnt together with them as well as our own thinking – developed over 20 years of experience working across thousands of different supply chains, with hundreds of companies and dozens of multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Other titles in this series so far include:

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