26 September 2023

Responsible Sourcing & Production Week 2023


Responsible Sourcing & Production Week 2023

Leading our work with a focus on driving positive impact on the ground

Last week we held our annual Responsible Sourcing and Production week in Oxford, UK. A valuable opportunity to share, hear and learn from our regional teams based in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Malaysia and Indonesia. During the week we dived into current industry topics ensuring that we are all staying up to date with the fast-moving developments, aligning on our views, and understanding how our work can help address the root issues on the ground and maximise positive impact.

Within the theme of responsible sourcing and production, we discussed Regenerative Agriculture, Climate Standards, Human Rights Due Dilligence (HRDD), Deforestation and Conversion-Free (DCF) as well as the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), monitoring and reporting on climate and nature related to our work in Landscapes and our Cross-Commodity strategy, amongst others. Our work is led by local expertise, so it is key for us to discuss and align on the recommendations and advice we give our clients and partners.

We ended the week with the focus of how important it is to continuously collaborate between our regional teams and hear from those on the ground, who have a better perspective of the local context, to achieve our mission of agricultural and forestry production and sourcing that delivers positive outcomes for people, nature and climate.