7 July 2017

Revised RSPO requirements for auditors


Revised RSPO requirements for auditors

The revised RSPO Certification Systems for Principles & Criteria (P&C) document, approved by RSPO’s Board of Governors in June, stipulates that all auditors within an audit team must have “Successfully completed an RSPO endorsed P&C lead auditor course” (Section 3.8.4). With a transition period of 12 months, the new requirements will come in to force from July 2018.

RSPO-endorsed P&C training, previously only a requirement of the lead auditor of each team, is an effective way of gaining in-depth knowledge of the RSPO requirements for production level audits.

Proforest has been delivering  RSPO-endorsed Lead Auditor P&C training since 2008, taught by a team of experienced lead auditors and with a unique emphasis on developing practical field experience. Our courses consists of a preliminary online module as well as classroom-based lectures, workshops and a practical audit exercise and written examination. Beyond our own expertise, the courses provide a valuable opportunity to learn from the group’s collective experiences and learning.
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