14 June 2022

RSPO P&C LA course in Nigeria 2022


RSPO P&C LA course in Nigeria 2022


15 - 19 August 2022
Time zone: GMT +1


Edo State, Nigeria

Fee Per Delegate

Early Bird Fee: US$1400.00

*Before 15 July 2022

Regular Fee: US$ 1500.00

Limited to 25 participants

Registration until 2 August 2022


Registration form

Language: English

Contact: Afua@proforest.net / africatraining@proforest.net

Phone: +233(0)302542975

Course Description

The RSPO Principles and Criteria Lead Auditor course is a 5-day Lead Auditor training designed for auditors wishing to carry out auditing for the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) producer standard, for company staff in charge of meeting RSPO requirements, and any interested stakeholders (e.g. NGOs, government officials) who want to learn about RSPO standards and systems. An important part of this training is the experiential part of this training.

Participants conduct a Mock Audit, a practical audit exercise that gives participants a unique opportunity to put the lessons learnt and skills acquired into practice in real life situations / scenarios.

Participants have access to Proforest’s online learning platform where you can find a series of free introductory courses and thematic deep-dives training across our work in responsible sourcing and production including Introduction to Responsible Business, Natural Resources Conflict Management and Gender Inclusion in Agro-Commodity Production.

To strength capabilities of participants particularly, Lead Auditors for the evaluation and implementation of RSPO P&C 2018.

Who can participate?

  • Auditors who carry out audits of the RSPO standard.
  • Personnel of companies who needs to increase their knowledge about RSPO P&C.
  • Other stakeholders such as NGOs or government officials.

The course includes:

  • Instruction by experts and specialists in the subject,
  • Exercises and practical activities of an audit
  • Written exam
  • Lead Auditor Certificate (endorsed by the RSPO)
  • Lunch and transportation for the field exercise.

The course fee does not cover:

  • Lodging,
  • Breakfasts,
  • Dinners,
  • National or international transfers,

Registration procedure:

  1. Applicants must fill out the registration form,
  2. After registration, it is necessary to send the organizing committee the following documents within 3 working days:
    - Curriculum Vitae highlighting details of your audit experience (max. 2 pages).
    - Brief letter of reasons (max. 1 page) indicating why you would like take the course and how you will use this knowledge in your professional life.
  3. The applicant will receive an email with the necessary information to make the payment.
  4. Once the payment has been made, the applicant must send the payment receipt.
  5. The applicant will receive a confirmation email, thus completing their registration