4 August 2014

RSPO Sustainable oil palm conference in Latin America


RSPO Sustainable oil palm conference in Latin America

The conference will bring together regional and international experts, representatives of the palm oil industry, civil society, and international buyers of palm oil, to share their experiences of sustainable palm oil production and achieving certification standards.

Day one will include updates on the work of the SHARP initiative – a partnership of organizations dedicated to supporting the integration of smallholders into sustainable supply chains. Information will be provided on an innovative new approach to demonstrating smallholders’ compliance with minimum criteria, and on the results of field trials in Honduras, Brazil and Colombia of cost effective tools for applying the HCV concept to smallholders using risk assessment.

Day two takes the form of an RSPO Open Day, offering a unique chance to obtain the latest information about certification. RSPO staff from Malaysia will be present to introduce their policies and answer questions. Presentations and discussions will cover topics that include certification standards, New Planting Procedures and revised smallholder certification documents. Proforest will help RSPO to run sessions on the RSPO compensation mechanism for expansion, the HCV assessor licensing scheme and new smallholder policies. 

The registration fee for the whole conference is US$ 150, though attending only the second day will be free of charge (registration is required; contact julia.majail@rspo.org for details).

For more information, visit www.rspolatinoamerica.com.

We hope you’ll be able to join us at the conference.