30 August 2018

Spanish version of our website now live

Spanish version of our website now live

Proforest’s work to support the implementation of responsible sourcing and production commitments spans many different regions around the world. So, communicating through different languages has always been an important element of what we do.

We deliver training in multiple languages across the globe, and many of our publications have been translated into a number of key languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesia. We are very pleased that, as of this week, our website is now available in Spanish, alongside the existing sites in English and Portuguese.

At Proforest we have seen a steady increase of our portfolio in Latin America, it is as much a testament to the increasing importance of managing our natural resources sustainably as to the added value in experience and expertise that Proforest brings as a global organization. We hope to fulfill all our partners expectations delivering sustainable livelihoods from sustainable landscapes.”

- Daniel Arancibia, Latin America Co-director

In 2016, we established a new Proforest office in Colombia, representing the growth in our work in Spanish-speaking Latin America. Headed by Daniel Arancibia, colleagues from Colombia, Honduras, Mexico and Peru work alongside our team in Brazil, which is led by Isabella Freire Vitali. Latin America is home to a wealth of flora and fauna, making it home to some of the world’s most important regions for biodiversity, including the Amazon, Orinoquia, Chaco and Cerrado. At the same time, market dynamics for commodities such as palm oil, soy and sugar, as well as the production of beef, makes our work towards the responsible sourcing of forestry and agricultural commodities especially important.

Indeed, across Latin America, Proforest is currently supporting important work on TFA2020 Colombia agenda and zero deforestation on palm oil, for the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock GTPS, and our Oil Palm Smallholder Support Program in Mexico. On top of this, we have also been delivering a range of training courses across the region, such as our recent HCV training in Chiapas, Mexico. It is work such as this that will be shared through the Spanish version of the website

Visit the new website at www.proforest.net/es or by clicking the link in the top right corner of the page.

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