12 February 2018

Supporting responsible smallholder production


Supporting responsible smallholder production

SHARP is a multi-stakeholder partnership which works with the private sector to support sustainable smallholder development, its secretariat is hosted by Proforest. Despite the challenges that can exist in responsible smallholder production both for the smallholders and the companies who source from them, the SHARP website and quarterly newsletter shares a case studies from around the world that prove that progress is being made.

Last week saw the launch of Mexico's first RSPO Smallholders Support Fund, granted to a group of over 150 smallholders. Working with working with PepsiCo Mexico, Oleofinos and Oleopalma, Proforest played a key role in developing the ‘Smallholder Support Program for Sustainable Palm Oil’ proposal, using the SHARP Responsible Sourcing from Smallholders (RSS) framework. The program will establish a replicable model for RSPO smallholders certification throughout the country. It was launched last week at the first Mexican Palm Congress in Villahermosa, Mexico, with Proforest’s Latin America Co Director, Daniel Arancibia, in attendance.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, in response to the many challenges faced by palm oil production companies in smallholder traceability, Musim Mas has launched their Extension Services Programme (ESP) to support smallholders by providing social and economic guidance. SHARP partners CORE (comprising of Daemeter and Proforest) are supporting the delivery of the ESP programme components on environment and social issues.

A recent publication from CIFOR explores current practice and innovation in smallholder palm oil finance in Indonesia and Malaysia. This study, authored by SHARP partners SNV and Financial Access Consulting Services, considers long-term financing solutions to promote sustainable supply chains.

In December 2017 the Sustainable Sugarcane Forum took place in London. Issues such as smallholder certification and the need for pre-commercial collaboration to address risks in the supply chain were raised during the Forum and Bonsucro has produced a revised draft standard and calculator for smallholders, which is now open to public consultation.

Michelin has just launched an new app to increase traceability to, and improve sourcing from, smallholders.  Michelin is one of the world’s leading buyers of natural rubber. RUBBERWAY® is a mobile application designed to map Michelin’s natural rubber supply chain and assess suppliers’ practices in different geographical areas.


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