18 November 2021

The Asunafo Asutifi Landscape Programme


The Asunafo Asutifi Landscape Programme

The Asunafo Asutifi Landscape Programme is a short film to showcase the landscape programme in Ghana and create awareness of the landscape approach to different audiences. Through a series of interviews and footage from key events and milestones, the film provides a narrative on how to build a landscape programme, including establishing a local governance structure and signing of a landscape framework agreement.

Led by the Ghana Forestry Commission, we have interviews with the World Cocoa Foundation, companies invested in the landscape, community leaders, Proforest staff and other stakeholders, and the film gives a voice to the people living and working in Asunafo-Asutifi on their vision and ambition for the landscape they live in.

Watch the video below. This publication and this blog post give more information about how the programme has been developped.