22 June 2022

The NDPE IRF in action for supply chain companies


The NDPE IRF in action for supply chain companies

Meeting No Deforestation, No Expansion on Peat and No Exploitation (NDPE) commitments is an ongoing process to understand what is needed to achieve it, as well as a commitment to track progress, identify where action is needed, and work to implement the necessary changes and improvements.

Proforest has worked with PepsiCo, Cargill and Musim Mas to make a short film to explain how the Implementation Reporting Framework supports their efforts to meet NDPE commitments in palm oil.

This four minute film looks at how downstream, midstream and upstream companies are using the IRF as a universal, shared language to understand what is required to deliver NDPE commitments, monitor progress, identify action and drive improvement.

How the NDPE Implementation Reporting Framework (IRF) Supports Companies Across the Supply Chain

PepsiCo’s Steven James, Senior Director Global Procurement, concludes the film: “IRF has made it easier for us to impact change. With one reporting system we strengthen our organisation’s NDPE commitments and pay a role in creating a better industry”.

The development of the NDPE IRF has been supported by the IRF Active Working Group of the Palm Oil Collaboration Group, facilitated by Proforest. You can also find out more at https://www.ndpe-irf.net/ including a slide deck, FAQs and updated reports on the IRF tool.

For any further information, please contact ndpe-irf@proforest.net.