3 August 2016

Training HCV Lead Assessors in Sierra Leone


Training HCV Lead Assessors in Sierra Leone

The course is particularly designed for those who would like to apply to the HCV Resource Network (HCVRN) Assessor Licensing Scheme (ALS). Proforest is an HCVRN-recognised training provider and the agenda and contents of the course meet the syllabus of the HCVRN.

The HCV concept is gaining widespread recognition as an effective land-use planning tool and forms an integral part of a growing number of certification standards for forestry and agricultural commodities (e.g. FSC and RSPO). However, there have been growing concerns about the quality and results of some HCV assessments due to a lack of understanding and capacity among assessors to lead and manage HCV assessments. This course focuses on a practical HCV assessment case study and aims to ensure that HCV assessors are adequately qualified to meet that concern.

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