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Members of the media wishing to speak with one of our technical experts are welcome to get in touch with us.

Please email the appropriate regional contact with the subject line "Press and Media Enquiries":

Proforest spokespeople are able to speak on a variety of responsible sourcing and production topics, whether inside a company supply chain including agricultural commodity issues, deforestation and conversion free practices, human rights and industry regulation such as EUDR, or beyond the supply chain including landscape and jurisdictional approaches, smallholder inclusion, land rights for Indigenous Peoples and local communities and sectoral or multistakeholder partnerships. Please contact the appropriate regional lead if you would be interested in an interview or proposing an event speaker opportunity.

For our latest news, events and expert insights follow Proforest on our social media channels: Twitter and LinkedIn. Available recordings of past events and webinars can be accessed here.

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About Proforest  
Proforest is a global mission-driven organisation, focused on the production base and supply chains of agricultural and forestry commodities including soy, sugar, rubber, palm oil, cocoa, coconut, beef and timber. We support companies with direct action to tackle environmental and social risks throughout a supply chain. We also work with governments, companies, and collaborative organisations, in order to address systemic issues beyond the supply chain, within a landscape or a sector, to deliver positive outcomes at scale for people, nature and climate.  

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