Where we work

Through our global network in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Europe, our teams have developed in-depth knowledge of the commodities, production systems and supply chains in the places where they work. We speak more than 40 languages and have offices in 8 countries and work in more than 20 countries.

Our work in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and internationally reflects the characteristics of the agricultural commodity production and supply chains operating there. 

In production areas, we focus more on upstream companies, such as producers and traders, as well as on-the-ground initiatives, such as landscape and jurisdictional approaches. We engage with government processes where appropriate to support change on the ground. 

In the international arena, our teams focus more on downstream companies, such as manufacturers and retailers, and international frameworks for supply chain action on responsible production and sourcing. We work extensively with organisations like the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) to support global initiatives and frameworks for action. 

We actively create spaces for our teams to regularly meet, both virtually and in-person, to share our knowledge and build our friendships. Our staff are encouraged to spend time in other offices and regions to develop our understanding of the commodities, supply chains and places that we work in.

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